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Black-bellied Plover

Pluvialis squatarola

Washington's largest plover, the Black-bellied Plover, nests in the Arctic and winters on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, as far as southern Brazil. After shedding their striking breeding plumage, Black-bellied Plovers look downright subdued in winter. Look for their black axillaries, or "armpits," in flight.

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Blaine/Semiahmoo/Drayton Harbor

Puget Trough

Framed by Semiahmoo Spit to the west and Blaine to the east (and the Canadian border to the north), Drayton Harbor is one of the premier coastal birding sites in Washington. The variety of waterbirds in winter can be staggering, including three species of loons, all three scoter species, and Harlequin, Long-tailed, and Ruddy Ducks. The area also attracts larger wintering flocks of gulls and sandpipers, as well as some alcids.

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