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2015 Legislative Session

Help protect birds in Washington state by actively engaging in the 2015 legislative session. You can make a difference in protecting our waters and land for birds and nature! Check back regularly for updates and easy actions you can take.


SB 5166 - Concerning the management of forage fish resources. This bill has passed and we expect the Governor to sign it by the end of the legislative session. This is a GREAT victory for our marine birds because forage fish are an essential part of their diet. Thank you to everyone who contacted your legislators.


SB 5356 Concerning a fishing line or monofilament recycling pilot program
SB 5166 / HB 1152 Concerning the management of forage fish resources - PASSED
HB 1149 Concerning oil transportation safety
HB 1314 Implementing a carbon pollution market program to reduce GHG emissions.

HB 5057 Concerning the safe transport of hazardous materials.
SB 5874 /HB 2002 Concerning regulatory and financial mechanisms to promote the retirement of coal-fired electric generation facilities
SB 5375 Providing incentives for carbon reduction investment

Why We Support these Bills:

SB 5356

Monofilament left in the environment may harm birds and animals; it is thin and often clear, and is difficult for them to see. Once animals become entangled, they may become injured or drown – we have seen strangled birds here at Seward Park. This legislation only costs 90K to implement a statewide volunteer pilot program to recycle monofilament.

ACTION:  Is your Senator on the Senate Ways & Means Committee? Please contact them ASAP and ask them to SUPPORT SB 5356.


SB 5166 / HB 1152

This legislation looks to implement a recreational fishing license to fish for smelt, smelt and sand lance spawning surveys throughout Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and trawl surveys to evaluate the prevalence of all species of forage fish throughout the Sound. We are asking for $1.9 million to help us better understand the health of our regional forage fish populations in order to safeguard marine birds and their food resources.

ACTION:  Is your Senator on the Senate Ways & Means Committee? Please contact them and ask them to SUPPORT SB 5166.
ACTION:  Is your Representative on the House Appropriations Committee? Please contact them and ask them to SUPPORT HB 1152.

HB 1149

This legislation asks for public disclosure on how oil is moving through our communities, improved oil spill prevention measures (tug escorts, repairing rail infrastructure), financial accountability to oil companies to clean up spills, and increased revenue from the barrel tax to pay for preparedness and response training.

ACTION:  Is your Representative on the House Finance Committee? Please contact them and ask them to SUPPORT HB 1449.

HB 1314

This legislation will create a market-based program that limits carbon pollution and requires major polluters to pay for their emissions, while generating about $1 billion annually to promote further emissions reductions, expand transit, and assist lower-income families to transition to a clean energy economy.

ACTION:  None at this Time.


Why We Oppose these Bills:

HB 5057

This weak, oil-backed legislation focuses on planning and more studies (that are already required), lacks any public disclosure, and provides a grant program for first responders by raiding the Model Toxics Control Act.

ACTION:  Is your Senator on the Senate Ways & Means Committee? Please contact them and ask them to OPPOSE SB 5166.


SB 5874 / HB 2002

Current law better protects consumers and the environment than the bill in its current form.

ACTION:  None at this Time. 


SB 5375

Bill would weaken I 937 which is our strongest legislation to reduce carbon.

 ACTION:  None at this Time.



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