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Regional Conservation

Threatened and Endangered Birds

It is critical to Seattle Audubon's mission to protect Threatened and Endangered birds in Washington State. There are eleven birds listed as Threatened or Endangered in Washington State. Seattle Audubon is currently focusing on two of these birds (Marbled Murrelet and Northern Spotted Owl).

General Information on the Eleven T/E birds

Northern Spotted Owl

Marbled Murrelet


Puget Sound

The Puget Sound is an amazing body of water. It is the second largest estuary in the United States, second only to the Chesapeake Bay. It is 930 feet at its deepest point and averages 450 feet deep. It is described as an underwater mountain range with a series of high ridges and low valleys that are called sills and basins. The Puget Sound is home to about 100 seabirds, 211 fish species and 13 marine mammals. Countless other species of birds, mammals, amphibians and wildlife use the land surrounding Puget Sound and its watershed. Seattle Audubon is working on many levels to help ensure an ecologically healthy Puget Sound. Explore some of the links below to find out more.

Conservation Groups File Lawsuit Challenging the Port of Seattle’s Decision to Make Seattle a Homeport for Shell’s Arctic Drilling Fleet

Puget Sound Partnership 
Oil Spills and Washington Birds and OIL Spill Rulemaking report 
Puget Sound Seabird Survey 


Historical Issues and Accomplishments

Wind and Energy Siting
Elwha River Restoration

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