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Puget Sound Partnership

Puget Sound is an incredibly complex ecosystem with a human population of approximately 4 million living on its banks. Even though the Sound ecosystem may appear to be healthy, appearances can be deceiving. It takes very little digging to discover that Puget Sound has lost approximately 70 percent of its original estuaries and wetlands, contaminated sediment covers thousands of acres of its bottom, and populations of some seabirds have declined by as much as 95 percent.

In 2007 Governor Chris Gregoire signed a bill into law that created the Puget Sound Partnership and tasked the group with restoring Puget Sound to a healthy state by 2020. In 2008, the Partnership created an Action Agenda that is currently acting as a roadmap for cleanup and restoration efforts in and around Puget Sound. The creation of this Action Agenda, and the steps taken to implement it, has involved input from local, state and federal governments, academia, businesses, tribes and citizen action groups such as Seattle Audubon. Seattle Audubon has taken a particularly active role in the creation of this roadmap via our participation in the Puget Sound Environmental Caucus, a group of environmental non-profit organizations working together to give the Partnership constructive feedback on the Action Agenda.

For more information about the Puget Sound Partnership please visit their website http://www.psp.wa.gov/.

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