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Endangered and Threatened Birds

There are seven State of Washington Endangered bird listings. Two of these birds also have a Federal designation of Threatened. 

American White Pelican (WA. 1981)
Brown Pelican (WA 1980)
Northern Spotted Owl (WA 1988, Federal Threatened 1990)
Sandhill Crane (WA 1981)
Snowy Plover (WA 1995, Federal Threatened 1993)
Streaked Horned Lark (WA 2006)
Upland Sandpiper (WA 1981)

There are four State of Washington Threatened bird listings. One of these birds, the Marbled Murrelet is also listed as Federal Threatened

Columbia Sharp-tailed Grouse (WA 1998)
Ferruginous Hawk (WA 1983)
Greater Sage Grouse (WA 1998)
Marbled Murrelet (WA 1993, Federal Threatened 1992)

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