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Activist Toolkit

A Citizen's Guide to Protecting the Environment

The Activist Toolkit provides you with in-depth information on how to make your activism more effective, from detailed tips on public speaking to practical guidelines on lobbying. The Toolkit is an invaluable resource for all levels of activists, whether you are part of a large environmental organization or a concerned citizen.

The Toolkit is free!  Simply download the entire Toolkit or just the section(s) you want using the links below.

Entire Activist Toolkit (PDF: 1600 kb) All four sections of the Activist Toolkit and a Bibliography.

  • Section 1: Message Development (PDF: 251 kb) Ways to create an effective and persuasive message and how to identify the best audience for your message.
  • Section 2: Grassroots Organizing (PDF: 377 kb) Techniques for attracting and managing volunteers and building public support for your issue, the keys to any successful grassroots campaign.
  • Section 3: Lobbying and Testifying (PDF: 309 kb) Guidelines for effective lobbying of elected officials and testifying at public hearings (including tips on public speaking).
  • Section 4: Working with the Media (PDF: 516 kb) Best practices for getting your message out to the media, including choosing a spokesperson, writing press releases, pitching stories to reporters, and when to hold a press conference.

We hope you find this Toolkit useful. Feel free to distribute it to everyone you know who is interested in protecting the environment.

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