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Education Kits - Birds in the Field


Go on a Bird Walk!

Help beginning birders discover the wonder and awe of birds by taking them outside on a bird walk! Equipped with 12 high quality Vortex binoculars that are easy to use and perfect for beginners, this kit has everything you need to engage a group of young (and old) learners and teach them the basics of bird identification, adaptations, calls/songs, and more! Included in the kit are:

* 12 Field Packs, each with a pair of binoculars, two clipboards, and field guide with common Seattle birds

* A Vortex scope and tripod to set up and see those far away birds even clearer!

* An activity and program binder with a collection of different bird-related lessons, games, and activities

* Materials for fun games like Tweety Tag, Calling All Birds, and Eagle Eyes




(The materials in this kit are recommended for birders 12 years or older. If you have a group of younger birders you'd like to take outside, please consider our Jr. Birds in the Field Kit!)

Pricing: $45 per week, $10 for each additional week (3 week maximum)

Questions? For more info and reservations, contact Hanae Bettencourt, Education Associate, at 206-523-8243 ext. 108 or email kits@seattleaudubon.org.

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