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Education Kits - Birds of Seattle

Get to know your feathered neighbors

Have you ever looked outside and saw a bird you didn't recognize? Or asked yourself where do birds in Seattle live? Where do they sleep at night? What do they eat? These are just a few of the questions that can be answered with the contents of this great resource. Designed for use both inside and outside the classroom by educators with varying levels of bird knowledge, this kit allows learners of various ages to get familiar with the lives of birds in and around the city of Seattle.

Some of the concepts covered by kit materials include:

* Beak and feet adaptations - How can the shape of a bird's beak and feet tell you about their preferred habitats? What clues can you get about what they eat?

* Bird calls and songs - What is the difference between a bird's call and song? Why do they vocalize? Put a name to those bird calls you hear out your window!

* Migration - Which local birds are just here for the summer or winter? What does it take to fly hundreds or thousands of miles?

* Bird identification - A great resource for beginner birders who want help with their general bird knowledge and ID skills.


Pricing: $45 per week, $10 each additional week (3 week maximum)

Questions? For more information and reservations, contact Hanae Bettencourt, Education Associate, at 206-523-8243 ext. 108, or email kits@seattleaudubon.org.

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