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FUN - Fall Lessons

Finding Urban Nature - Exploring schoolyard habitats

It is all too common for children and adults, living within the concrete confines of a major city, to become detached and unfamiliar with nature and all that it offers. Seattle Audubon's Finding Urban Nature program works with students across the city to reconnect with the natural environment within their own schoolyard habitats. Unlike the current FUN model that requires 5-10 volunteers per classroom, this new education kit has taken the four lessons offered in the Fall session of the FUN program and modified them for use with a classroom by one lead instructor. Each lesson is equipped with enough materials for up to 30 students.

Details of the four lessons:

Leaf Hunt - Have you ever tried to count how many different types of plants can be found in an outdoor area? This activity allows students to take a deeper look at the diversity of plants that are found in their schoolyards by learning about the difference in leaves. By examining leaf forms and leaf margins, students are able to see how leaves that look the same at first glance are actually different. Top it off with leaf rubbings, and students can't get enough!

Web It - Discover predator/prey relationships and the special adaptations that spiders have that make them master hunters that are so beneficial to us. Materials included: Spray bottles, tweezers, and web type ID cards.

Roots and Shoots - How would you get all the things you needed to survive if you couldn't move? Learn about how plants compete for resources by identifying different types of roots and the advantages they offer. Materials included: Trowels, resource cards. collection trays, root/shoot ID card.

Neighborhood Birds - Birds are a common visitor to our urban habitats. Learn about the different types of birds that are in our area and their various adaptations that help them survive in the hustle and bustle of the city. Materials included: Preserved bird specimens, tape measures.




Pricing: $45 per week, $10 for each additional week. (4 week maximum)

Questions? For more information and reservations, contact Hanae Bettencourt, Education Associate, at 206-523-8243 ext. 108 or email kits@seattleaudubon.org.

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