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Education Kits - Symphony of the Birds

Learn Local Bird Calls and Songs!

This kit comes with an easy-to-follow script for any educator to use to lead a 1-2 hour-long activity to help elementary aged students learn the calls and songs of 16 common local birds. Using the help of an Apple iPod Touch that has been pre-loaded with the 16 different bird calls and songs, students listen to them to create English and drawing translations of what they hear on the provided worksheet. Each pair of students has a info packet with pictures of the birds plus info how to come up with their translations. The activity is concluded with a fun quiz to test their new knowledge.

In addition to the main activity, the kit also comes with other games and activities:

* WINGO - Like Bingo, but with bird calls!

* Calling All Birds - An active game where students call for their mates using common bird onomatopoeia.

* The iPod also comes with an additional list of other common bird songs as well as iBird, an app that can be used as an on-the-go field guide or resource for information, photos, and common calls/songs on most birds found in North America



Pricing: $35 for a week, $10 each additional week (3 week maximum)



Questions? For more information and reservations, please contact Hanae Bettencourt, Education Associate, at 206-523-8243 ext.108, or email kits@seattleaudubon.org.

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