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Education Kits - Wetland Wonders

Wetlands - More than just a unique habitat

Discover how wetlands provide unique habitats and ecological functions upon which birds, salmon, and humans depend. Explore the interconnections between wetland health and bird populations, salmon life cycles, and even the imporatant things they do to promote human wellness and safety. The lessons and activities in this kit are divided into five topic categories:

Wetland Habitats - Learn about the different types of wetlands and the important roles they play in water management and habitat creation.

Wetland Birds - What birds depend on wetlands? What do they have to do with migration? What adaptations do wetland birds have?

Salmon - Learn about the importance of salmon in Pacific Northwest environments, explore their unique lifestyles, and think about the dangers they face and what we can do to protect them.

Ecosystem Interactions - How do birds and salmon interact with wetlands and the other creatures that live there? What is a food web?

Pollution and Habitat Loss - Think about the effects of pollution and what causes polluted waterways. Actively participate in water quality testing by taking water samples and dip netting for macroinvertebrates. Explore habitat loss and the effects it has on organisms.



Pricing: $45 for one week, $10 for an additional week (2 week maximum) with $100 refundable damage deposit

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