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Fledglings and Friends: A Preschool Story Time

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We're excited to announce that Fledglings and Friends is now a regular Seattle Audubon Event! Our first two "trial runs" in April and December of 2016 were so fun we just had to make it a regular occurrence. Mark every 3rd Wednesday of the month on your calendars for Seattle Audubon Fledglings and Friends Story Time!

Dedicated to the youngest bird and nature enthusiasts in our community, Fledglings and Friends Story Time offers children ages 2-5 an opportunity to hear stories about birds and nature, do fun crafts, explore the outdoors, and just have fun! Each story time has a different theme in which all activities are centered. Come join us in our Nature Shop for a great time! All story times are $2 per child and first come first served. No preregistration or RSVP required.


Upcoming Fledglings and Friends Story Times:


Join us as we get down on the ground to get to know our invertebrate neighbors. Pill bugs, sow bugs, millipedes, slugs, worms, ants, spiders... who knows what we'll find! We'll explore the bugs in our native garden, read stories about bugs, and maybe even do something to help local bugs!

Wednesday, April 19th, 10:30-11:15am at the Seattle Audubon Nature Shop


What is that thing knocking in your chimney early in the morning? This month, we'll explore the world of woodpeckers. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to have some residents in the snag in our native garden.

Wednesday, May 17th, 10:30-11:15am at the Seattle Audubon Nature Shop

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