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Are you a teacher? Scout Leader? Event Coordinator? Seattle Audubon education programs can be presented in school classrooms, wherever your youth group meets, and/or in community spaces such as senior living facilities and garden clubs. All of our programs are fun and hands-on, allowing every participant to be active in the learning process. Seattle Audubon programs are an excellent complement to school science curriculum, and are adaptable for youth groups, scouts, neighborhood clubs, church groups, etc.  LEARN MORE and Request a Presentation



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Seattle Audubon is happy to table at your community event! Our dedicated team of volunteers is always eager to teach about birds in the Seattle area, the importance of preserving bird habitats in and around the city, and offer tips on improving backyard bird habitats. We bring reading materials approrpriate for each event, and always have a collection of our bird skin specimens. Past events we've attended include: school science nights, neighborhood environmental events, Earth Day celebrations, etc. For more information and to request a Seattle Audubon table at your event, contact Wendy Walker, Community Engagement Coordinator, at

Seattle Audubon's participation in any event is subject to volunteer availability

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