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Great Blue Heron Literature Review


GBHE Lit Review copy

click here to download literature review (pdf - 472k)


The Seattle Audubon Science Committee managed the research, writing, and peer review of this comprehensive Great Blue Heron literature review—a resource for anyone interested in learning more about the Great Blue Heron, an ubiquitous waterbird of our region and the official City Bird of Seattle.

Acknowledgments: Seattle Audubon Society thanks R. Butler, J. Joyce, J. Kenyon, D. Norman, M. Stiles, and P. Thompson for their generous contributions in the preparation of this report; their comments greatly improved its breadth, content, and accuracy. Completion of this report was made possible because of the significant efforts of K. Omaits (who prepared the first draft), H. Bielefedt-Ohmann, H. Curl, A. Morgan, A. Sedgley, and, especially, J. Smith (who researched and wrote the final draft).


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