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Fundraising Tips and Ideas

Put the FUN in FUNdraising! It can feel a little daunting to ask folks for money – even when you’re totally excited about what you’re raising it for. Here are a few tips and fresh ideas to try out. Remember, even if you get a “No” response, be sure to say “Thank You.”  A little extra courtesy is an investment in the long run!


1. Ask local businesses you frequent if you can put out a donation jar. Decorate the jar with your favorite bird, a sign with your team name, and your “Big Day” date and details.


2. Try breaking asks down into smaller bites with a 5-for-5, 10-for-10, or 20-for-20 approach. Ask five people for $5, ten people for $10, or twenty people for $20. Twenty asks might need a little extra pizzazz like: “Help me see in 20/20!  I’m asking 20 friends for $20 to donate to Seattle Audubon during Birdathon. Your gift will keep my peepers on the plumage and my sights on my goal. Together we can raise funds for birds and nature!”


3. Host a bird-themed movie night at home. Put out a host/hostess tip jar where guests can leave donations to your “Big Day” and show their appreciation for your entertaining efforts.


4. Education!  Take some friends who don’t get out much on a neighborhood bird walk. Point out species and habitats they might not normally see. Your guests will be so impressed with your knowledge that they will be ready to show it with a pledge.


5. Tell friends, family, and co-workers about your “Big Day” and invite them to submit a pledge online (less pressure than considering an amount face-to-face). Use our ready-made email templates from your personal Birdathon site, or come up with your own persuasive avian prose describing Birdathon and why it matters to you.


Remember, this is for the birds. Thanks for participating and best of luck! 

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