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Seattle Audubon is excited to announce our newest communication feature, a twice-monthly blog! Stories will feature member, staff, and volunteer profiles; reporting on current events; project updates; behind-the-scenes look at special activities; field trip reports; etc.




March 2017(2). Keith Geller's and Penny Bolton's yards are each an urban laboratory in developing advice and techniques for others wanting to attract birds to their own yards. But more fundamentally, their yards are a stopover on the neighborhood flyway of interconnected public and private green belts that birds rely on.




Family-Friendly Fests



March 2017(1). An organized bird festival can be a transformative experience, bringing family to a new environment within a structured, curated approach that both gets you someplace new and takes the mystery out of figuring it out yourself (ideal conditions if you’re with kids). 



Profile: I. Arévalo Wong



February 2017(2). We spoke to Izzy ArĂ©valo Wong at length about her history with the organization, her years of advocacy for diversity in the conservation movement, what she recommends for increasing inclusion, and the upcoming class on nature drawing that she is teaching this March as part of the SAS Spring class series.



Backyard Bird Count


February 2017(1). The Zimmermans--longtime Seattle Audubon members and volunteers, as well as Master Birders and former board members--host a wildlife Shangri-la on their small parcel of suburbia. It's a perfect place for a Backyard Bird Count!




WA Bird Year


January 2017(2). In the tradition of a birder’s Big Year, which can have a birder running all over the country to count birds, Jen McKeirnan instead  focused her project on Washington state birdlife.




Kids & Birds


January 2017(1). What is the moment that captures a kid’s interest in birds? When and how does that interest start? We went straight to the source: Seattle Audubon sat down with three young members to learn how each of them arrived at their “bird-nerdery.” 





NBP: Citizen Science



December 2016(2). Seattle Audubon’s volunteer citizen scientists gather every month of the year to audit Seattle’s urban parks for bird species as part of SAS’s Neighborhood Bird Project. 





Binocular Q&A


December 2016(1). Many fans of Seattle Audubon are also serious birders (or bird-watchers), and with birding comes binoculars and other optics that enhance the experience and discovery of birds in the field. 





Staff Profile: David Garcia


November 2016. David Garcia, 25, is Seattle Audubon's Nature Shop manager, a millennial, and an advocate for diversity in the environmental movement. 







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