Leader Profile: Hobbs
Michael Hobbs
Field Trip Leader

"I remember looking up at a swallow on a telephone pole, and I thought, 'Cool - it's a Violet-green Swallow, just like in the Golden Guide,'" recalls Michael Hobbs. This common bird looked pretty exotic to someone who grew up in Ontario and Quebec.

Michael majored in computer science. In 1987 he came to Washington and worked for Microsoft until 1997. "Microsoft was a stressful place to work," he recalls. "In about 1990, I began going birding one morning a week in the spring at Marymoor Park, just to get out of the office. I began going year round starting in April 1994." See more information on his birding at Marymoor here.

Michael is newsletter layout editor for the Washington Ornithological Society. A member of East Lake Washington Audubon since 1988, he joined Seattle Audubon in 2001 and became a Seattle Audubon Master Birder in 2006.

Profile by Sharon Sneddon, Associate Editor