Leader Profile: Hosmer
Steve Hosmer
Field Trip Leader

Steve was born in Portland, Oregon, and studied in southern California. A lifelong interest in the natural world inspired him to obtain a master’s degree in biology with a major in marine biology. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science. For the past 21 years, he has been an applications analyst for Airborne Express, tracking electronic commerce.

Thirteen years ago he moved to Seattle and got hooked on birding after closely observing Bald Eagles in the Skagit Valley. Steve and his wife Joan enjoy birding holidays abroad. The last two weeks in April, they will do some birding in southern Spain.

Favorite local birding destinations include the Ellensburg area, Sequim, and spots near Vancouver, B.C. Steve tries to find as many species as possible when he leads field trips, especially the ones participants are hoping to see. "Sometimes I learn as much from the people on the field trip as they learn from me!" he adds.

Profile by Sharon Sneddon, Associate Editor