Leader Profile: Klein
Peter Klein
Field Trip Leader

Peter grew up south of Tacoma, and his curiosity about the natural world was nurtured by his two older brothers. "Our house was surrounded by woods so we had lots of places to explore." His education and life experiences include earning a general arts degree from the University of Washington, an RN degree, chef’s school in San Francisco, and a stint on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska.

While kayaking off Point Defiance, he struck up a relationship with a kingfisher who "owned" the territory. "When that kingfisher would see me, he would go down and get a fish and come by to show me--like he was bragging," Peter recalls.

In addition to the field trips he leads for Seattle Audubon, once a week he loads students from his son’s elementary school into his van for a field trip. "I was so fortunate to grow up with lots of outdoor experiences that I want to give some of those experiences to kids living in the city."

Profile by Sharon Sneddon, Associate Editor