Leader Profile: Rose
Penny Rose
Field Trip Leader

When Penny watched a Northern Cardinal at the backyard feeder at her home in Great Smoky Mountains National Park as a child, she knew the bird was something special. She became more interested on a college biology field trip to the Everglades. "I don’t think it really ‘took’ until I moved to Seattle in 1987 and started watching raptors on the Skagit Flats," she comments. She joined Seattle Audubon about ten years ago.

Penny spends her weekdays as a Public Education Program Specialist with the City of Seattle at Discovery Park. She has been a field trip leader for two years. "I like to lead field trips in Seattle so members have an opportunity to appreciate their own backyard."

Many of the field trips she leads are suitable for people who want easy walking or are in wheelchairs. "I believe strongly in birding being available to anyone who wants to go-- with time, transportation, and easy access for everyone," says Penny.

Profile by Sharon Sneddon, Associate Editor