Leader Profile: Sanders
Rick Sanders
Field Trip Leader

While growing up near Pasadena, Rick loved to tromp around the desert with his grandfather, an avid naturalist. (His grandmother was instrumental in the establishment of Joshua Tree National Monument.) Rick moved to the Seattle area ten years ago. He is presently a principal of Orion Real Estate Advisors.

How did Rick get his start with birds? "I got out an old book of Audubon paintings and lugged that into the field." Bob Sundstrom’s class on birding by ear really opened up the world of birding to him. Rick loves to watch terns while kayaking around Vashon Island where he lives with his wife and two sons.

For the past five years, Rick has been co-leading field trips with John Friars. Those trips move along at a rapid pace, as the two avid leaders rack up the number of species. "I spot ‘em and John tells the people about them. The people make it all worthwhile," he adds.

--Sharon Sneddon
Associate Editor