Leader Profile: Sidles
Connie Sidles
Field Trip Leader

"What bird is that?" Connie’s young son asked, as avian visitors began coming to dine at their new window-mounted bird feeder. She realized she couldn’t identify them. That changed when she joined Seattle Audubon in 1985.

Visiting the Montlake Fill nearly every day has given her an intimate knowledge of the birds likely to be found there in each season. Rarities she has spotted include a Lapland Longspur, Baird’s Sandpiper, and McGillivray’s Warbler.

Connie would like to see other birders "adopt" a birding place near their home, visit often, and share their findings on Tweeters, a web site where birders can post information. "When people know what to look for in these places, they are more likely to go there," she notes. "People learn to care about things they know well."

She has been leading field trips to the Montlake Fill for two years. Participants in her field trips may get to examine a few bird carcasses at the beginning of the trip. "Have you ever seen a bird’s ears?" she asks.

Profile by Sharon Sneddon, Associate Editor