Leader Profile: Stark
Phyllis Stark
Field Trip Leader

Phyllis didn’t pay too much attention to birds when she was growing up in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Brooklyn. In 1970, she and her husband moved to Seattle to pursue employment opportunities. After 26 years in the medical field as a perfusionist, a technician who runs the heart-lung machine during open-heart surgeries, she retired two years ago.

The old-growth forests around her home on Cougar Mountain provide ample birding opportunities. Three EarthWatch expeditions in the last five years (parrots in Mexico, birds of the savannah in Bolivia, and water-birds in Australia) fueled her passion for birds. Phyllis completed the Master Birder program in 2001 and now leads field trips, including trips for the teenagers in BirdWatch. She co-chaired Birdathon 2001.

"Birding opens up a whole new world," says Phyllis. "I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for the world of birds with people on my field trips. We spend time getting to know a little about behavior, habitat, and range, in addition to identifying the bird."

Profile by Sharon Sneddon, Associate Editor