Leader Profile: Taylor
Ruth Taylor
Field Trip Leader
Master Birder

While jogging around Green Lake one day over ten years ago, Ruth noticed rafts of wintering waterfowl bobbing along on the cold, gray waters. She hadn’t paid much attention to birds when she was growing up in Dallas, living in Atlanta, or even when she moved to Seattle in 1978.

She signed up for a Seattle Audubon field trip to learn more. Her birding career took a turn in1992, when she took part in a field study to monitor a radio-tagged Peregrine Falcon. "I’ve been hooked on birds of prey in general, but Peregrines in particular, ever since," Ruth comments. Now she tracks observations in Seattle for the Falcon Research Group, and is the coordinator for the Seattle Peregrine Project. Ruth’s is the voice you will hear on the Peregrine hot-line (206-654-4423.)

Ruth works for a local healthcare-provider network and is a published photographer.

On the field trips she leads, Ruth tries to involve participants in identification. And if a Peregrine has been seen recently in the area, her group is soon hot on the trail!

Ruth’s benchmark bird is the Eurasian Wigeon.

Profile by Sharon Sneddon, Associate Editor