Leader Profile: Weir
Tom Weir
Field Trip Leader

Not many birders would vote for the Northwest Crow as their favorite bird. "Loved by the few and maligned by the many, this is a bird of almost mythological essence," comments Tom. "On the Christmas Bird Count, we’ve observed about 5,000 of them heading to their roost at dusk."

A university friend who was a birder sparked Tom’s interest in birding while he was completing a residency in dermatology in Philadelphia. He moved to Seattle in 1970, joined Seattle Audubon, and served on the board a few years later. 

Tom became an avid "lister" and traveled to many foreign locales to add to his list. Many exotic species made his list in 1980, when he and his family spent half a year in Nairobi while he worked as a volunteer doctor in clinics at the University of Kenya.

He recently completed the Master Birder class. No matter where his field trips go, there’s a good chance he’ll be seeing his favorite bird!

Profile by Sharon Sneddon, Associate Editor