Leader Profile: de Grys
Hans and Kristi de Grys
Field Trip Leaders

Things that fly through the air, whether feathered or jet propelled, are part of Kristi’s passion in life. After graduating from high school in Bellevue, she moved to the East Coast to attend Yale University, where she met Hans. The two casual birders enjoyed the colorful warblers and hawk-watches there.

In 1997, Kristi dragged Hans out to a new home on the West Coast, a much different place from South Carolina, where he grew up. Only slightly interested in bird watching in their earlier years, Kristi and Hans found birding provided a great outdoor hobby that tied in with their interests in science, conservation, and meeting new people.

Kristi is employed as an aerospace engineer at Aerojet in Redmond, where she is involved in developing new rocket propulsion for communication satellites and interplanetary spacecraft. Hans is a high school chemistry teacher.

The two dedicated volunteers work in the Nature Shop and have taught a beginning birding class. In March they finished the Master Birder class and are eager to lead field trips.

Profile by Sharon Sneddon, Associate Editor