High school students enjoying and protecting the natural world through science, service, exploration and experience.

BirdWatch teens, volunteers, and staff - October, 2014.

BirdWatch is open to all teens interested in birds and nature! Just download a registration form and/or email us for more information.




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BirdWatch fieldtrip - Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge. November, 2014

"I love BirdWatch because it's so welcoming to everyone. It doesn't matter what your relationship to birds is—expert, beginner or anything in between—everyone is willing to help others and learn as much as they can."
 -Former Birdwatch member

“Because of the skills I’d gained in BirdWatch, I spent my summer thriving on science: analyzing fish samples, compiling data, and assisting in field work...This propelled me to admission with highest honors to my first-choice school, Western Washington University, where I will be pursuing a degree in biology.”
 -Former Birdwatch member


About BirdWatch

 BirdWatch brings together high school students with an interest in birds and conservation for a fun series of field trips, meetings, outreach activities, and scientific monitoring efforts. Experienced volunteers and naturalists help members learn about Washington's birds and their place in the environment. BirdWatch is a great way for teenagers to explore Northwest ecology, gain naturalist skills, and make a positive contribution to the natural world.

Puget Sound Seabird Survey - October, 2014

  • Make new friends who share your interests - all of whom are in 9th - 12th grade
  • Enjoy amazing places in the natural world  
  • Gain skills and experience that could help launch an environmental career 
  • Earn service-learning credits through citizen science and education projects
  • Get ideas and support for bird- or conservation-oriented senior projects
  • Build leadership experience
  • And most of all, have some YOLO (You Obviously Love Owls) experiences.
BirdWatch is FREE to join and accepts new members throughout the year.

For more information, contact Christine at 206-523-8243 ext. 19 or

Monthly Meetings

Please check back soon for meeting details.  We are in the planning phase for the 2015-2016 school year.

American bittern, Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge - November, 2014

Field Trips

Field Trips around Washington state occur every other month from October through June, alternating between Saturday and Sunday. Field trips allow students to develop and hone their bird identification skills and to engage with other young birders. Imagine sighting and identifying more than 75 bird species in one day!

Field trip destinations include: Marymoor Park, Union Bay Natural Area, Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, Discovery Park, Ocean Shores, Carnation, Skagit and more!

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

Spring Trip

Each spring, BirdWatch travels to an exciting location in the United States to explore new habitats and birds. Students help with fundraising to keep trip costs reasonable and scholarship aid is sometimes available.

The annual Spring Trip has been deemed the highlight of the year and pinnacle of their birding experiences by many BirdWatchers. Destinations in past years have included Glacier National Park (2015), Malhuer Wildlife Refuge in Oregon (2012),  Arizona (2010), Texas (2009), and California (2008). To see more photos of past years' Spring Trips, check out BirdWatch on Facebook!

BirdWatch teen sketches a sparrow at a banding session

Service-Learning and Science Projects

Earn Service-Learning hours by participating in our Service Activities. We participate in regular habitat restoration projects and, as a member, you'll have the opportunity to help with other important Seattle Audubon projects, including developing educational materials, presenting at events, and working directly on conservation issues. Interested members may also help lead nature walks for the public and younger students.

BirdWatch teens participate in Real Life, Hands-On Science Projects. Teens take part in an ongoing bird-monitoring projects managed by Seattle Audubon. Learn about scientific collections with behind-the-scenes looks at museum specimens. Find out about local research from the scientists themselves, and get hands-on experience with different techniques like bird banding, urban habitat monitoring, and radio telemetry.



Photo by Miles Whitworth



 “I originally joined BirdWatch to learn more about birds and to meet other people with the same interests as myself.  So far, I have met both of those goals and much more.  I really enjoy the programs that are offered… The field trips have greatly increased my skills as a bird watcher because it is somewhat hard and bothersome to teach yourself.  With more experienced birders around me, I can learn how to identify birds in a fun and accurate way without fumbling through a field guide.”

"BirdWatch is an incredible program. It has changed my life; given me birding friends my own age, a community, experiences that I will remember until I die, opportunities that will help me later in life, and the support I needed to become an avid birder. Thank you Seattle Audubon!”


Photo by Emily Meade