Board of Directors  

Seattle Audubon is supported by a dedicated Board of Directors. They help to accomplish the mission through a set of shared values that underline our mission to cultivate and lead a community that values and protects birds and the natural environment, a healthy environment in balance, where people enjoy, respect and care for our urban community.

Our Board of Directors play a vital role in ensuring Seattle Audubon has the strategic direction and necessary resources to create a sustainable community. In addition to their role as at large board members, several serve on Committees. We are grateful for their expertise and focus ranging from policy/legal, marketing, management, planning, communications, and community engagement to ensuring financial stability of the organization.

Cynthia Wang, President
Suzanne Richman, Vice President
Jill Ericsson, Secretary Brett Cooper, Treasurer  
Board At Large    
Ashley Black Herb Curl Mia Spangenberg
Jane Hedberg
Kathryn Donough Peggy Stromme
Cathy Jaramillo
Adam Sedgley Wendy Watson
Rachel Lawson
Michael Reynolds

2014-2015 Seattle Audubon Officer Biographies

Cynthia Wang, President:
  Cynthia has been a volunteer with the organization since she moved to Seattle in 2005.  She works as a marketing and strategy executive for one of the largest IT companies in the world.  Cynthia holds a BS and MS in engineering, and an MBA in finance and marketing.

More biographies coming soon

Committee Opportunities

Seattle Audubon has several program committees to support our organization’s mission of Cultivating and Leading A Community That Values and Protects Birds and the Natural Environment. These committees provide their insight and experience in the areas of Environmental Education, Conservation, and Science.  In addition, Seattle Audubon has several organizational  governance committees, including Development, Nominating, and Personnel Committees.  The committees meet monthly or quarterly and consist of board and non-board members.

If you are interested in learning more about the Seattle Audubon Board positions or Committee roles, please send a message to


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