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Leading a local community in appreciating, understanding, and protecting birds and their natural habitats.



Seattle Audubon strives to connect people and birds. By building this connection we hope to promote an environmental ethic that we are part of nature not separate from it. The more we understand our interconnections with the animals and the land around us the more willing we will be to make the tough decisions to restore damages of the past and create new interactions with the environment around us that are healthy and sustainable.

  Urban Conservation Issues: Seattle Audubon works cooperatively with city agencies, other non-profits, and concerned citizens to preserve and protect urban birds and their habitat. 
  Regional Conservation Issues: Our regional conservation efforts seek to protect birds and their critical habitats. Our current priorities include improving forest habitat and restoring the health of Puget Sound.  Through this work we are focusing on two species of threatened and endangered birds, the Northern Spotted Owl and the Marbled Murrelet. 
  Advocacy: Find out how we engage publicly in conservation issues that are essential to conservation of birds and wild places in Seattle and our region. Take action on current conservation issues by reading our action alerts here.
  Resources: Find the links and tools you need to advocate for birds and nature. You'll find links to elected officials, information on how to create a wildlife-friendly backyard habitat, resolutions passed by the Seattle Audubon Board of Directors, and more. For upcoming conservation events, check our upcoming events site here
  Martin Miller Fund: The Martin Miller Fund was started in 1987 for the purpose of acquiring habitat to be protected in perpetuity for plants, animals, birds, fish, and their ecosystems. The fund has helped preserve extensive habitat in the region including wintering habitat for eagles on the Skagit River, a nature reserve on Lummi Island, and a wildlife corridor on Bainbridge Island, among many other land parcels. Seattle Audubon has granted nearly $600,000 from the Martin Miller Fund since its inception.
  Upcoming Conservation Events: Visit this page to view upcoming Conservation events throughout the Seattle region. 






Seattle Audubon is nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Copyright Seattle Audubon.
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