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Seattle Tree Canopy Cover

   Tree Canopy Cover Snapshot
  • In 2007 the City of Seattle estimated that tree canopy cover for Seattle was 22.9%. 
  • In 2011 Seattle Audubon estimated that tree canopy cover for Seattle was 23.6%.
  • Since 2007 Seattle's tree canopy cover has not changed significantly.


  • 40% of Seattle's tree canopy is located on public property (i.e., parks, schools, etc.) or in areas of steep slopes.
  • Public property and all of the steep slopes in Seattle account for approximately 23% of the total land area in the city.
  • Therefore 23% of the land in Seattle contains 40% of all the trees in the City. 
  • The orange areas of the map to the left illustrate this concentration of tree canopy in the City. 
  • The map also illustrates that large concentrations of trees are not only on public land, but very specifically in our parks and greenbelts. Seward, Discovery, Lincoln and Carkeek Parks, as well as the series of Duwamish green belts hold a large concentration of Seattle's tree canopy.  
  • Finally, the map illustrates large areas devoid of tree canopy along the Duwamish Industrial area and downtown Seattle.

Ecosystem Services

  • Seattle's urban forest sequesters 4,213 tons of carbon annually.
  • Seattle's urban forest removes more than 1,000,000 pounds of air pollution annually and is estimated to save the City more than $2,500,000 in health care costs and other 'externalities' associated with air pollution.

Follow this link to see a more detailed look at Seattle's tree canopy cover based on the 13 Neighborhood Districts and 89 individual neighborhoods designated by the city.      



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