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Window Pain: Helping Birds Survive a Human World
Join Seattle Audubon at a special program meeting with Heidi Trudell, biologist turned architectural consultant who has focused mainly on bird-window collisions since 2003.

Hundreds of millions of healthy birds are killed each year in the US alone, when they collide with the glass of residences and office buildings. With native bird populations experiencing steep declines, it's critical to take immediate action to reduce the human threats to their survival. In addition to habitat loss and outdoor cats, glass is the leading cause of death among songbirds: these, and other factors will be explored during the session.

Safe Passage programs are dedicated to making the world a safer place for birds through education, outreach, and monitoring buildings for window collisions. Join Heidi for an involved discussion of threats facing, and solutions for saving, our birds - starting right at home. Find out how our everyday decisions can help birds all over North America and beyond. Learn how every dead bird is an opportunity for researchers to further understand toxicology, climate, biodiversity, and chemical accumulation in the environment. Explore what "dark skies" mean for the built environment and how to support environmentally conscious lighting in your community.

When:     Thursday, July 18, 2019, 7:00-8:30 PM
Where:    Phinney Neighborhood Center Lower Buliding. 6532 Pinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
Cost:       FREE. No registration required. Space is limited, please arrive early.

Transit:    Take North or South bound Metro Bus #5 to Phinney Ave. N. and N. 67th St.
Parking:   ADA accessible parking stalls are available in the lower parking lot.

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