Leading a local community in appreciating, understanding, and protecting birds and their natural habitats.



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Executive Director
John Brosnan
(206) 523-8243 x101
Education Associate 
Hanae Bettencourt
(206) 523-8243 x108
Development Director
Claire Catania
(206) 523-8243 x105
Member Services Assistant
Anna Dukes
(206) 523-8243 x106
Nature Shop Manager
David Garcia
(206) 523-8243 x114
AmeriCorps Service Member 
Urban Environmental Educator
Malcolm Griffes 
(206) 523-8243 x117
Conservation Science Coordinator
Jenn Lang
(206) 523-8243 x103
Nature Shop Assistant Manager
Melissa Melloy
(206) 523-8243 x113
Urban Conservation Manager
Josh Morris 
(206) 523-8243 x112
Senior Science Manager
Toby Ross
(206) 523-8243 x102
Senior Education Manager
Christine Scheele
(206) 523-8243 x107
Finance & Operations Director
Russ Steele
(206) 523-8243 x100
AmeriCorps Service Member
Urban Environmental Educator
Robyn Thomas
(206) 523-8243 x109
Community Engagement Manager
Wendy Walker
(206) 523-8243 x110


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