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Nest Boxes

Provide additional habitat for birds. Choose from a large variety of our nest boxes.

Northern Flicker House

Northern Flicker House
Handcrafted in Maine of white pine, with a slate-reinforced 2-1/5” hole. Woodpeckers prefer a box with a roughened interior and filled with wood chips or coarse sawdust. Flickers are especially attracted to nest boxes filled with wood chips, which they "excavate" to suit themselves. For best results, place the box high up on a tree trunk, exposed to direct sunlight. The Northern Flicker is a woodpecker that utilizes a bird house quite readily. If there is a problem with a flicker pecking a hole in a building, position a nest box over the unwanted excavation to provide a more suitable nesting location. Post- or tree-mount 6-20 feet above the ground. Wood chips included. Box may vary from image.
Price: $59.95

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