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Birds of Washington

Birds of Washington
The definitive source of Washington ornithology, Birds of Washington, is the first complete reference work on Washington’s birds in more than fifty years. Designed to enrich the popular study of Washington’s birds, this comprehensive volume includes individual accounts of 482 species known to occur in the state. Birds of Washington is not a field guide for identifying birds; instead, it compiles and presents in a single volume current information about the population status and distribution of each species, as well as their habitat preferences, seasonal activities, where and how they might be found, the occurrence of subspecies, and any management or conservation issues. Seasonal distribution maps are included for many selected species. More than forty authors contributed their time and expertise to create these authoritative accounts, which draw on a wide range of sources, including scientific journals, wildlife agency reports, field observations, and surveys such as the Christmas Bird Counts and Breeding Bird Surveys. All citations are referenced for readers who wish to pursue a subject at greater length. While establishing a benchmark for further studies, Birds of Washington provides an indispensable source of information on avian life in the state for a broad audience of birders, wildlife biologists, land managers, conservationists, naturalists, hunters, and wildlife enthusiasts in general.

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