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Birding is My Favorite Video Game

Birding is My Favorite Video Game

Birding is My Favorite Video Game, by Rosemary Mosco (ages 9 and up)

Rosemary Mosco (also known as Bird and Moon comics) is a nature cartoonist whose tongue in cheek comics has grown her a fan base of over 20 thousand followers on social media. Her book is a collection of some of her most popular boards, each tackling a single topic such as defining characteristics of a Turkey Vulture (did you know they poop on their own legs for temperature control?) or making fun of the over-the-top ferocity of the seemingly delicate Pygmy Owl showing it perched on a dead moose.  “Is this for real?” My 9-year-old son asked about that last visual of the owl and moose. Maybe a bit of exaggeration for effect, but Mosco is a serious science communicator wanting to bring humor and silliness to educating young readers about natural history. From my son’s giggling and reading aloud his favorite parts of the book from the back seat of the car, I’d say Mosco’s hit the mark.

Review by Bryony Angell

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