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Seed Feeders

Bird feeding brings much enjoyment. Check out our assortment of seed, thistle and squirrel proof feeders for your backyard birds.

Beck's Chickadee Feeder - Green

Beck's Chickadee Feeder - Green

Hang this feeder close to a window and enjoy watching chickadees, nuthatches, and goldfinches year round. The design of The Chickadee Feeder limits larger birds, allowing these specific species to feed at the feeder of their own. The Chickadee Feeder has no perch and is so made that birds must cling to it rather than perch. This is a natural action for chickadees and nuthatches. Goldfinches are able to feed easily from The Chickadee Feeder once they adapt to the clinging feeder. Some larger, nuisance birds, such as House Finches, try to use the feeder by "hovering" while holding on to the seed tray or ring, but most are unable to feed with any regularity and often quickly give up to find an easier source of seed.

Price: $16.95

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