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Seed Feeders

Bird feeding brings much enjoyment. Check out our assortment of seed, thistle and squirrel proof feeders for your backyard birds.

Squirrel Buster Legacy

Squirrel Buster Legacy

Naturally repels squirrels using a weight-activated metal skirt that drops down the moment a squirrel climbs aboard the feeder.

All-around stainless steel hardware, from the 8-1/4 inch hanger to the four chew-proof metal perches, protects the entire feeder from squirrels. Without any access to seed, squirrels will soon learn to find food elsewhere.

The newest addition, The Legacy, maintains a healthy bird seed environment with ventilation at the top of the clear tube to let humidity escape, allowing the seed to stay fresh for longer. Suitable for clinging and perching birds.

2-1/2 lb. capacity & 4 perches.

Price: $69.95

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