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Seed Feeders

Bird feeding brings much enjoyment. Check out our assortment of seed, thistle and squirrel proof feeders for your backyard birds.

Seed Saver 2000

Seed Saver 2000

100% Squirrel Proof wild bird feeder. 100% Squirrel Proof wild bird feeder- Free funnel attached. Outer steel cage with beautiful leaf emblem design protects lightweight inner plastic tube feeder, and drops down over all 6 feeding ports at once when squirrels climb on- Locking top opens with the push of a button- Weight-activated design locks out thieving squirrels, saving seed and letting birds eat in peace- Bottom attachment removes to double as a funnel spout for easy refills- Chew proof, UV stabilized components and polycarbonate inner seed tube- Powder-coated steel outer cage. Holds 2 quarts.

Dimensions: 24''D x 5-5''W x 5-5''L

Price: $44.95

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