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Audubon Birds

Squeeze these plush birds from Wild Republic to hear authentic sound recordings. Collect them all!

Northern Cardinal, Audubon Songbird

Northern Cardinal, Audubon Songbird

Wild Republic® has joined hands with Audubon to empower its new line of birds. Each bird’s lifelike design and detailing are the result of input by Audubon. Additionally, the sounds in each toy are authentic birdsongs provided by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and represent hours, months, even years of in-the-field work conducted by expert recordists. The unmistakable crested-head and orange-red bill of the Northern Cardinal is a common sight east of the Rockies. The contrasting muted tones of the female cardinal serve as camouflage while tending to eggs on a nest which is normally situated in a dense shrub. The male brings the female food during incubations when both parents care for the nestlings. Cardinals are easily attracted to feeders and favor black-oil sunflower and safflower seeds.

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