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Knowledge Cards - Extreme Nature

Knowledge Cards - Extreme Nature

Not one for mediocrity, Mother Nature frequently pushes the envelope, creating something so extraordinary that it eclipses others of its kind. In the plant and animal kingdoms, she has endowed certain species with exceptional size, speed, longevity, fecundity, or stamina. On the Earth's surface, she has carved features so spectacular that they draw visitors from across the globe to witness their magnitude. And in her favorite venue for excess--the weather--she sets records annually.

This deck of Knowledge Cards covers forty-eight of Nature's superlatives in the areas of geography, biology, and climate. Which mammal bears the most young? (No, not the rabbit.) Where will you find the world's driest and wettest locations? (They're both in South America.) Which insect is the most destructive? (One of their migrating swarms covered 2,000 square miles.) With fascinating answers to questions like these, Extreme Nature will delight inquisitive thrillseekers of all ages.

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