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Birding 101

Birding 101 with Jack Stephens & Jane Lester, Master Birders
Lectures: Thursdays January 18 and 25, 7:00-9:00p.m.
Location: Wallingford Community Senior Center at the Good Shepherd Center
Field Trip: Sundays January 21 or 27 (sign up at first lecture)
Cost: $65 members, $80 non-members
Limit: 22 (11 per field trip)

Appropriate for BEGINNER birders.

If you’re just getting started with birding, it’s natural to be a little overwhelmed. What are the little brown birds on my feeder?  What are all those cool ducks we have in winter, and how can I tell them apart? I heard a woodpecker in the park - what kinds do we have in Seattle? Which birds live here year-round and which are just passing through? Once you learn how to find birds, observe them carefully and identify them, birding becomes a fabulous lifelong hobby that only gets better and better with time.
Join us for an informal, fun-filled, innovative introduction to birds and birding. This hands-on class will incorporate sight, sound and habitat to create a holistic approach to learning. A local field trip will provide time in the field to see lots of birds, ask questions and sharpen your skills.
Suitable for all levels of beginners, from armchair feeder-watchers to those who have spent some time in the field and would like to develop their identification skills.
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